The Brightest Color

What happened to The Brightest Color?

Many of you likely remember this site as the swimwear shop, The Brightest Color. It's still me, Katie Fredrickson, running this site and all the social pages! However, in June of 2018 I realized that my passion really resonated with the DIY side of the business, and my customers and subscribers on TV seemed to agree. It got to the point where an hour spent on Katie Fredrickson would produce sooo much more than an hour spent on The Brightest Color. For those reasons I've decided to transition The Brightest Color to become Katie Fredrickson Shop over the past few months. I will still be making swimwear of course, and I may even put up limited edition styles up for purchase. The spirit of why I started this business still thrives even between the name change and switch in products. I've appreciated your support over the years and I'm so excited for this next period!